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Vortrag, 10 Uhr, Giorgio Boselli: "Analysis and Modelling of Crosstalk Noise in Mixed-Signal CMOS ICs"

During last thirty-five years, CMOS technology has been scaled according to Moore's law. Reduction of transistor size leads to both an exponential growth in integration density and to faster devices, thus allowing to integrate on a single-chip complex high-performance systems, with an increased computational power. In a mixed-signal System-on-Chip (SoC), i.e. when analog and digital circuits are integrated on the same chip, performance limitations come mainly from the analog section which interfaces the digital processing core with the external world. In such ICs, crosstalk effects on the analog section, due to digital switching activity, are often the limiting factor affecting the overall system performance. Two different approaches have been developed for the analysis of crosstalk effects in mixed A/D circuits, both based on the separated analysis of the digital and the analog sections and on pre-layout estimation of digital switching noise. The first is based on a dedicated C++ algorithm, developed to calculate currents and voltages produced by digital section; these results are used as input for subsequent simulation of analog section. The second method is based on a stochastic model to describe the amplitude density and the power spectral density of current pulses drawn by a switching logic circuit. When switching instants in a logic circuit are uniformly distributed in time, we can model them as a Poisson process, and describe digital switching currents as a shot noise process.

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