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Kolloquium | The First Principles of In-Memory Computing

28.11.22 | MZH 4380 | 16:00 Uhr

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In-memory computing (IMC) has gained immense popularity with the emergence of novel memory technologies such as RRAM, MRAM, PCM, etc. However, IMC based on DRAM or SRAM is equally challenging and exhibits equally interesting outcomes. Furthermore, emerging memory technologies' non-volatile and memristive nature renders exciting opportunities for the design and development of non-von Neumann architectures. In this talk, firstly, I will discuss the basic principles of digital and analog computing-in-memory. In the second part of the talk, I will touch upon the automatic synthesis flows for the rapid design and prototyping of RRAM-based computing systems. Finally, I will delve into the roadmap for the hardware prototyping of RRAM-based IMC architectures.

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Kolloquium | The First Principles of In-Memory Computing

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