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Kolloquium | 29.05.09 10.00 Uhr | MZH 8090
Satoshi Komatsu
VLSI Design and Education Center, University of Tokyo

Signature-Based Testing for Digitally-Assisted Adaptive Equalizers in High-Speed Serial Links

The talk presents a cost-effective test methodology for adaptive equalizers which follow the digitally-assisted analog design style. By observing the states in the digital adaptation engine during or after the adaptation process in response to the test stimulus, the health of the adaptive equalizer can be determined. We propose two different types of signatures, namely static and dynamic signatures, based on the states of the digital adaptation engine for fault detection. The static signatures are derived from states after the adaption process converges and the dynamic ones from the state sequences sampled during adaption. Such signatures, combined with a variety of test stimuli, enable the detection of many hard-to-detect faults which cannot be detected by existing approaches. Our experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method.

Satoshi Komatsu received his BS, MS and PhD degrees in Electronics Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Currently he is a project associate professor at the University of Tokyo at the VLSI Design and Education Center (VDEC). He serves as a reviewer for numerous journals and conferences. His research focuses on Low Power Design, System Level Design Methodology, and Testing of VLSI.
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Kolloquium | 29.05.09 10.00 Uhr | MZH 8090<br>
Satoshi Komatsu<br>
VLSI Design and Education Center, University of Tokyo

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