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Screenshot Website RevKit RevKit - A Toolkit for Reversible Circuit Design
In recent years, research in the domain of reversible circuit design has attracted significant attention leading to many different approaches e.g. for synthesis, optimization, simulation, verification, and test. However, most of the resulting tools are not publicly available. This often makes the development of new methods harder since e.g. previous approaches are not available for comparison. Furthermore, approaches have to be re-implemented from scratch in order to modify or improve them and the lack of tools for reversible hardware design makes it hard for beginners to get involved in the topic.

Logo RevKit RevKit tries to address this issue. RevKit is an open source toolkit for reversible circuit designs, which aims to make recent developments in the domain of reversible circuit design accessible to other researchers and interested people. RevKit is a modular and extendable framework which already provides a significant number of approaches and algorithms, but also easily enables the addition of new methods and tools. In this sense, RevKit addresses users who simply want to apply the framework and its tools as well as developers who actively want to develop further methods on top of the framework.

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