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Roderick Bloem, Georg Hofferek, and Robert Könighofer
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Jaan Raik and Urmas Repinski
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Rolf Drechsler, Görschwin Fey, Alexander Finder, and André Sülflow
Logos FoREnSiC is a Formal Repair Environment
for Simple C.

The tool contains a bundle of several engines implementing various techniques to automating error localization and correction for C/C++ programs. The techniques implemented are not purely formal but range from simulation-based methods to semi-formal and formal ones.

The value of FoREnSiC is not only in its different back-ends. FoREnSiC can also be used as a framework for implementing new program analysis, verification, and debugging techniques.

FoREnSiC contains a powerful front-end which is able to transform a C/C++ program into a very simple graph-based representation. It also provides data structures to represent logic formulas. Logic solvers such as SMT-solvers are accessible via simple interfaces to solve these formulas.
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  • [BDF+:2012] R. Bloem, R. Drechsler, G. Fey, A. Finder, G. Hofferek, R. Könighofer, J. Raik, U. Repinski, and A. Sülflow: "FoREnSiC - An Automatic Debugging Environment for C Programs", HVC 2012.
    Download Tool Paper
  • [KB:2011] R. Könighofer and R. Bloem: "Automated Error Localization and Correction for Imperative Programs", FMCAD 2011.
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  • [KB:2012] R. Könighofer and R. Bloem: "Repair with On-The-Fly Program Analysis", HVC 2012.
Please contact Rolf Drechsler in case of more information about the tool and/or problems at drechsler@uni-bremen.de

FoREnSiC has been developed within the DIAMOND European project, contract number FP7-2009-IST-4-248613 (http://www.fp7-diamond.eu/).

FoREnSiC is published under GNU Lesser General Public license as published by the Free Software Foundation
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Tallinn University of Technology.
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